"Enemy!? Purge it!" - Fire Warden, presumably Arsnist


The Fire Wardens are a mysterious group of Spider Splicers that believe in Sophia Lamb's ideals. Each and every one of them are dedicated arsonists, including Arsnist, a hideous, murderous Crawler with four arms.

Rumour has it that the Wardens were created during a raid in Fort Frolic. A group of people had been attacked and tried to hide from their agressors - a single, lonely report says it was one of Atlas' groups who launched the assault (the other reports had been destroyed or lost). The surviving testament to that day implies that this one group found a cache of ADAM close to where they were. The only other part that survived was an account of a group of people akin to "living fire". The rest of the paper was drenched in seawater, with no records on computer.

They seem to despise anyone who is antagonistic towards Dr. Lamb. That said, they will send a barrage of fire attacks at anyone for nearly any reason.


Weak: Ani-personnel rounds

Immune: swarms, Ice

Absorb: Fire


There are only three main differences which sets them apart from other Spiders:

1) They explode in a shower of fire when meleed due to Firestorm.

2) All the Warden's attacks do moderate fire damage, except for Incinerate!: this does pure fire damage, as well as setting targets alight.

3) They mix up the hooks with Incinerate!, often using both at the same time.

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