Plauge was created and developed secretly, away from Sophia's gaze. The nature of some of the materials were questioned about by aiding Big Sisters, but they never actually put the question of the origin forward. The last thing they wanted to know was where the small, leather-like bits of reeking crimson flesh came from...


The Plasmid shoots out a small, narrow stream of filthy, green liquid similar to how Winter Blast works. The initial hit does mild plague damage, and leaves the target soaked in the disgusting fluid, causing continuous damage. The effect wears of after a while, but it can't be nullified by jumping into water. Unlocks upgrades 1 and 2.

NOTE: This Plasmid is ineffective against Security.

Upgrade 1 - Toxic Bomb

Charging up the Plasmid releases a Bomb that explodes on all enemies, drenching them in fluids. Unlocks upgrades 1-1 and 1-2.

Upgrade 2 - Maleric Swarm

Charging the The Plasmid releases a swarm of mosqitoes from the user's veins. It works in a similar fashion to Insect Swarm, but the mosquitoes will die out in half the time. Instead, they attach themselves to a target for a couple of seconds before moving on, leaving the target to die from continuous plague damage. Unlocks upgrades 2-1 and 2-2.

Upgrade 1-1 - Corrupting Stream

Casting the Plasmid results in a Toxic Bomb. Charging the Plasmid creates a stream of Plague-infested water that roars out of the user's palm. Consumes a lot of EVE, like it's elemental counterparts.

Upgrade 1-2 - Acid Grenades

Casting the Plasmid results in a Toxic Bomb. Charging the Plasmid creates an orb that does everything the Bomb does, but with one exception: the diluted acid, the upgrade's namesake, forces everything it drenches to take an extra X2 damage against Anti-personel rounds or Armor-piercing rounds.

Note: This affects ALL enemies (including Security, who are still unaffected by Plague damage).

Upgrade 2-1 - Life Suckers

Direct Plague damage heals the user.

Upgrade 2-2 - Noxious Venom

Enemies who suffers from Plague damage will have their speed reduced and accuracy lowered.

Well, that takes care of that. What do you think? Gross? Or something you want to use against the Splicers?

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