Little is known about Morion's past before he became one of Lamb's liutenants, along with Grace Holloway and Father Simon Wales. He is the sole leader of the Wraith Splicers, and is potentially the most powerful Telekinesis user short of the Big Siblings. No matter how cold and calculating he may be however, it seems he has a soul, one filled with bitter hatred and fury for an unkown figure he addressed as, once, "the monk". To date, this is the only time Morion actually spoke of the figure who destroyed his homeland. It is undoubtable that Morion had told the truth, due to the bitter hatred grinded into each word.


Morion resembles an Elite Wraith Splicer with a black cloak. His eyes are hollow sockets, and the fire inside him is pure, pitch black. There is almost no skin left on his fury-driven frame.


Morion will use all the attacks of the Elite Wraith Splicers, as well as behave like them, with a few exceptions:

1) All his melee attacks restore half of the damage they deal.

2) He has twice the amount of health than his Elite bretheren.

3) Once at 50% health he'll throw his head back and scream. When he does this, a two-layered sphere of fireballs will surround him and will fly in random directions.

4) Morion will now start to use Telekinetic Pummel, just like the Big Sister's ability.

5) At 20% health his attacks do 20% more damage


Dire Offence Gene Tonic



And there's Morion. I'll probably add more, explaining his side of the story in a quotes section, but what do you think?

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