The new Plasmid, exclusive to Project Necromancer, it can corrode the souls of it’s victims. It is said to be given to those who either seek a path they cannot find, or those who’s souls are most like this Plasmid...

Lost Soul

The basic version of the Plasmid launches a disembodied, featureless, sad, grey face, with a tail of the grey material trailing behind it. Works like Incinerate! or Plague, but does basic damage. Unlocked from the start, with upgrades 1 and 2 available.

Upgrade 1 – Damned Soul

Charging up the Plasmid allows one to cast an orb of souls. These balls of crying phantoms disperse when they hit something with a short scream, hitting all foes in a radius. Unlocks upgrades 1-1 and 1-2.

Upgrade 2 – Soul Harvester

Killing three foes with Lost Soul increases the Plasmid’s strength, giving it an extra + versus all enemies. The Plasmid can gain up to +++ in damage. Killing an enemy via anything else (other Plasmids or guns) will reset the damage back to 0. Unlocks upgrades 2-1 and 2-2.

NOTE: if an enemy dies due to another version of Lost Soul, then the chain will not be affected, and the other version is not affected by the boosts in power.

Upgrade 1-1 - Soul Storm

Casting the Plasmid allows one to launch Damned Souls at the target. Charging it up will enable the caster to launch a Soul Storm: a “continuous stream of screaming, wailing souls that barrage the Walking Wounded and the Living Dead.”

Upgrade 2-1 – Possession

A cast results in a ball of Damned Souls. Charging up the Plasmid results in a darker Damned Souls orb. The victim unfortunate enough to get caught in the middle of the blast is possessed by the Souls who converge on them. Two things happen:

1) The victim has their own soul devoured over time.
2) In order to prevent this from getting your new follower from dying too quickly, the souls make them invincible to all attacks.

If a new follower is selected – and possessed – then the old one will have their soul torn out of their body.

Upgrade 2-1 – Death’s Collector

So-named due to it’s nature: killing a single enemy with Lost Soul causes the attack to go up in power. One can increase this Plasmid’s power to ++++. The chain is broken in the same way as before.

Upgrade 2-2 – Soul Purge

Killing a foe creates a “dead zone” around them. Any enemies (excluding friendly foes and indifferent Big Daddies) will have their souls eaten away if they stand in this area. Multiple dead zones stack on top of one another, empowering each other. If a foe dies due to a dead zone, the body and the Plasmid’s power remain unaffected.

Thoughts? Remember this is a part of Project Necromancer, so it can count as a Plasmid in some respects.

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