More new Gene Tonics: Eternal Swarm, Meditation, Pain Sharer, and an Easter Egg Gene Tonic.

Eternal Swarm

For - Insect Swarm, Spider's Web and Plague (Maleric Swarm upgrades)

"Our swarms will blot out the sun... I've always wanted to say that" - Dark Swarmlord

A Gene Tonic that alters how the lifecycle of the swarms operate. This even extended to Plague's Maleric Swarm upgrade and its successors, to much surprise.

Pressing the fire Plasmid button uses the respective Plasmid's original function. Holding down the button charges up the Plasmid, which, in turn, summons a huge cloud of bees or mosquitoes which will seek out targets, even while its being created. Spider's Web still functions in the same way, except with an endless swarm of spiders. However, this method consumes a lot of EVE quickly.


For - Aura

This unusual enhancement, which strenghthens the user's electromagnetic field, supposedly has a tingling effect on new users.

Aura's equivelent to the Eletric Flesh line of Gene Tonics.

Pain Sharer

When Pain Sharer was available for the public, the amount "sold" was far more than expected. Two days later, the city finally buckled under the weight of chaos within it. What the citizens didn't seem to realise at the time, was that this Gene Tonic existed in the first place.

Pain Sharer inflicts damage onto antagonists who lash out at the player. The amount varies with the enemy's health: if the foe has 100% health, then 100% of the damage he does will be reflected back to him/her/it. If its 50%, then they recieve 50% backlash, ect.

Rainbow Plasmids

A Gene Tonic that simply allows one to change the colour of most Plasmids, including Insect Swarm, Incinerate! and Electro Bolt. You can alter the colour of the "core" and "fringe" (example: the centre and the outer/surrounding flames of Incinerate! repectively). This only unlocks a feature at the Gatherer's Gardens and Gene Bank, and does not affect the Plasmid itself. Interestingly, there is also an option that allows the Gene Tonic to live up to it's name.

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