This set includes Angel's Blood, the Dire series, and Crawling Disease.

Angel's Blood

For - Necronis

A Gene Tonic created long after Jack killed his 'fathers'. It was meant to keep the weaker zombies active, but was proven far more effective then previously thought when it was employed against the Rapture Family, which was growing even more powerful at the time, despite (or because of) having near-complete control over the fallen paradise.

Effect: Any zombie created will have 2% health regeneration every 3 seconds when created, while the creator will recieve 2 x Y zombies% health regen. The caster's benefits are immediately lost when the Tonic is removed, but the zombies won't have any loss in regen. Note that the tonic has to be equipped first before any zombies are created, as Angel's Blood won't take effect afterwards. However, if any zombies are already 'blessed' with this boost then the caster will regain the boost they lost. 'Blessed' zombies have blue streaks going down their veins, similar to Electro Bolt. Hyper zombies' veins have a more 'watered down' look when this goes through the chemicals already present in their system.

Dire Series

A set of Gene Tonics that release enhancing hormones and chemicals into the bloodstream in desperate moments. The entire set is a lot of power at a high risk.


Dire Offence: Boosts the player's attacks by 50% when their Health is at 30%

Dire Defence: Boosts the Players defence by 50% when their health is at 25%.

Dire Speed: Boosts the player's speed by 30% when their health is at 25%.

The Dire Series can be stacked with other Tonics, such as Armoured Shell and Sports Boost.

Crawling Disease 1 and 2

For - Plague

A Gene Tonic whose name was, perhaps ironically, inspired by the Dr. Grossmen. The Saint's Guard hoard this particular enhancement, but the safe where they put the bottles in is always locked. Turns some of the user's blood into plague-water.

Effect: The Plague counterpart to Human Inferno.

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