All hopes... all dreams... they're naught but dust in the wind, Miss Stallard, unless we keep our word to them. - Max Godbert


Dr. Maximillian Godbert (more commonly known as Max) was a scientist in Rapture. While he wasn't very well known, he did have a reputation in the labs, and managed to solve problems with several Plasmids such as Gravity Well and Incinerate!, although he could do nothing about his most prized creation's resultant nature: Necronis' habit of necrotising the DNA of anything short of Big or Little Siblings. Forced to give up, Godbert created multiple Gene Tonics to aid the City.

Descent into madness

Godbert attempted everything to remove Necronis' limitation, to no avail. During this time his view of the world warped and changed, despite not splicing. Godbert was starting to see "the dead" all around him - not just corpses, but Rapture's statues and children's toys as well. In the end, Godbert tried splicing to defeat death and bring back the dead. He had sealed his fate.

During the months that followed, Godbert had experimented on a collection of Gene Tonics. No one knows if any Plasmids were involved, or what the Tonics were, as most of the records were destroyed by Godbert in a fit of paranoia, and whatever survived were reduced to meager scraps of numbers and letters.

Island hideout

Godbert, in case of emergency, had an island hideout. A good portion of it was left alone, but he managed to build a few labs, among other buildings. A few like-minded people (or manipulated, as Dan Fawcus suggests) live in the remote areas. Incredibly few people actually knew this island existed, let alone Godbert's presence there, and most of them had either forgotten about it or wound up dead, usually both. At least two, perhaps three individuals - Dan included - knew about the island, yet stayed in the failed Utopia. Others, like Subject Psi and Aimi Readfearn, decided to escape to Godbert's secret retreat after Fontaine's death, after discovering it's existance through a veriaty of ways; mainly by hacking, but after that, word-of-mouth and torture, or simply following others with limited effect. Many inhabitants had had escaped that day before Sophia managed to staunch the flow.

The Plasmid - Project Necromancer

During the "Golden Years of Andrew Ryan", Godbert managed to create two Plasmids: one to induce a coma, and one for the insane scientist to watch over his "Pawns".

To be Continued...

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