"It's not abot 'Why?', it's about 'Why not?'. Why make a Combustible Lemon Plasmid?! Why not marry NORMAL lemons since you love them so much!? In fact, why don't you go the lemon stall, because YOU are FIRED!!

Not you, Cindy, you're doing fine.

Yes! You! Labby! Bags, out the door, parking lot, goodbye!"

Combustible Lemon
Combustible Lemon creates a explosive lemon that arcs through the air once thrown. If it hits an enemy, it does moderate Plague and high Fire damage. Unlocks upgrades 1 and 2.

Upgrade 1 - Lemon's Ire
Charging up the Lemon causes it to swell up with combustible fluids, causing it to grow bright red and drench a large area in roasting lemon juice. Unlocks upgrades 1-1 and 1-2.

Upgrade 2 - Lemonettes
Charging the Plasmid causes it to swell to thrice it's size. Throwing the Lemon at a surface or enemy will cause it to explode and release a trio of Lemonettes, which will detonate after a few seconds or if they hit an enemy. Unlocks Upgrades 2-1 and 2-2.

Upgrade 1-1 - Furious Lemonade
The user can chuck a Lemon's Ire with a single cast. Charging the Plasmid results in a rain of Furious Lemonade, that scorches and boils all enemies.

Upgrade 1-2 - Sour Bombs
A Lemon's Ire can now be launched on a simple cast. Charging the Plasmid results in a Sour Bomb, which weakens enemies' resistance to weapons.

Upgrade 2-1 - Lemon Shower
The Lemmonettes are upgraded, so that it takes half the time to charge the Plasmid. If the Player waits and charges it up to it's maximum strength, then they can create six Lemonettes from a single cast.

Upgrade 2-2 - Life's Manager
The Lemons and Lemonettes cause knockback, knocking smaller Splicers of their feet and staggering larger Splicers and Protectors.

...Nope, couldn't keep a strait face.

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