"I love Aura... enough to blast my enemies with it. Hoping the Big Sisters are having fun. Odd thing about it is... that it isn't really an aura in any way. A Plasmid that uses an electromagnetic field to put holes in your enemy's face... I really like that..." - Dark Swarmlord


The basic version of this Plasmid fires a damaging blue sphere of energy. These sheres are powerful enough to cause knockback on larger foes, such as Big Daddies. Location bonuses apply with Aura, allowing the caster to take out brutes with a few casts. This isn't a cheap Plasmid, however, and is not for the one who spams. Unlocks upgrades 1 and 2.

Upgrade 1 - Aura Burn

The Plasmid roasts the enemy's flesh, sticking onto their bodies and using their "aura" against them. Larger foes recieve more damage from the lingering effects, leading to a "public conclusion" that it was intended to take out foes such as Brutes. Foes suffering from aura burns will have a blue aura around them. Unlocks upgrades 1-1 and 1-2

Upgrade 2 - Soul Shot

Charging the Plasmid creates a smaller, denser "shot" that punches through multiple targets. The Plasmid can even redirect itself, if the next enemy is close enough, using their electromagnetic signature as a lure. Knockback and power are increased. Unlocks upgrades 2-1 and 2-2.

Upgrade 1-1 - Aura Splash

Hitting an enemy will create an "Aura Splash", which douses the area in aura energy. Any unfortunate Splicer or Protector caught in it will recieve aura burns. The actual energy does not stay on the scenery.

Upgrade 1-2 - Soul Leech

Any unfortunate who suffers direct aura damage will decrease the Plasmid's cost (a quarter or a half) depending on the size of the victim. Burnt foes restore 2% EVE every second while they still suffer, to a maximum of 10% regen.

Upgrade 2-1 - Karmic Backlash

Casting the Plasmid results in a Soul Shot. If a harmed enemy hurts the player, they'll recieve 10% of the damage they inflict. Foes hit with this vesion of Aura have black auras.

Upgrade 2-2 - Aura Sheild

Casting the Plasmid results in a Soul Shot. Charging it creates an Aura Sheild, which protects the user from ranged attacks. Unfortunately, despite being able to fire guns and smack/batter/slash foes with melee weapons, this is the most EVE-hungry Plasmid upgrade short of Summon Eleanor, and can consume the entire EVE bar very, very quickly, unless the user has the right tonics to counter this.

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