"I killed Cohen last time. Turns out he was on the system... before Ryan kicked him off it. Can't ressurect from a 'Chamber. But when I napalmed his... 'masterpiece'... had some fireballs rain down on my head! Launched a missle at him, but Friutjob dissapeared from the top of the fort. Missle did the tightest turn I've seen and blown up some rank crawler. Cohen appeared again, this time by the right of the freakin' Quadtych, in the doorway. Headed... right, with a missle after him. Then there was that satifying 'boom'. And I looked for him. Spent a minute trying to find him, then found his corpse. On the other side of the same doorway. On the left. So I picked up his dead body, and stuck it 'tween the two middle pictures. Sander Fucking Cohen. Immortilized"

- Dark Swarmlord

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