You'd think I'd forget about you?... You dumbass. - Aimi


Aimi Redfearn is the daughter of a Farmer's Market shop owner. Sometime before the New Years Eve Riots Aimi was kidnapped by one of Ryan's men and subsequently turned into a Little Sister. Later, after an unusually long wait, the lab aides finally managed to get the rebellious child to bond with an Alpha Series Big Daddy. During the interveneing weeks, Aimi flat out refused to do as she was told, and made several attempts to escape, even going as far as jumping over railing to escape from Fontain Futuristics, where she was converted and held (this event would repeat itself in later years). No one at the time knew that she was largely unaffected by the treatment used for the other Sisters, and still were none the wiser when the girl's father - who was now known as Subject Psi - torn his way to his daughter. The pair teamed up and headed through Rapture, fighting the bloodthirsty mobs from Atlas' forces. Aimi and Psi managed to get to Kashmir right before the bombing. Aimi's mother was gunned down by Atalas' troops in point blank view of the Little Sister as she raced towards her daughter. The perpetrator then grabbed Aimi, who responded by shouting "YOU KILLED MY MOTHER!!" and stabbing him repeatedly with her ADAM syringe. Since then she has stayed with her father, while he went on a camaign to avenge his dead wife.

A decade later, and Aimi still fights the Splicers. Her combat prowess is only matched by the creativeness of her insults, which she flings at her enemies with undimineshed, bitter hatred.


Aimi has ditched her helmet, and torn off her sleeve and leg armor of her otherwise complete Big Sister armour. Her slim figure is half covered in Splicer blood.


Aimi fights just like the other Big Sisters, except with some new, and different, abilities:

Elemental Blows: Aimi can quickly kick and punch enemy Splicers, usually with one of the Plasmids enhancing the attack. When fighting any foe, she will always use the most damaging elemental kick/punch. Examples include using Electro Bolt or Incinerate! imbued punches on Wraith Splicers.

To be Added

To Be Added

Summon Big Sister

If the Player befriends Subject Psi, then they can use the Summon Big Sister to call for Aimi's help. If Aimi becomes hostile to the Player and is subsequently killed, Natz will take her place.

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