• Dark Swarmlord

    Dr. Max Godbert

    June 26, 2011 by Dark Swarmlord

    All hopes... all dreams... they're naught but dust in the wind, Miss Stallard, unless we keep our word to them. - Max Godbert

    Dr. Maximillian Godbert (more commonly known as Max) was a scientist in Rapture. While he wasn't very well known, he did have a reputation in the labs, and managed to solve problems with several Plasmids such as Gravity Well and Incinerate!, although he could do nothing about his most prized creation's resultant nature: Necronis' habit of necrotising the DNA of anything short of Big or Little Siblings. Forced to give up, Godbert created multiple Gene Tonics to aid the City.

    Godbert attempted everything to remove Necronis' limitation, to no avail. During this time his view of the world warped and changed, despite not sp…

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  • Dark Swarmlord

    Aimi Redfearn

    June 10, 2011 by Dark Swarmlord

    You'd think I'd forget about you?... You dumbass. - Aimi

    Aimi Redfearn is the daughter of a Farmer's Market shop owner. Sometime before the New Years Eve Riots Aimi was kidnapped by one of Ryan's men and subsequently turned into a Little Sister. Later, after an unusually long wait, the lab aides finally managed to get the rebellious child to bond with an Alpha Series Big Daddy. During the interveneing weeks, Aimi flat out refused to do as she was told, and made several attempts to escape, even going as far as jumping over railing to escape from Fontain Futuristics, where she was converted and held (this event would repeat itself in later years). No one at the time knew that she was largely unaffected by the treatment used for the other Siste…

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  • Dark Swarmlord
    Still alive? I am impressed...

    Infernus. A Plasmid created not by mortal hands, but by their seemingly immortal beliefs: a creation given shape by the long held belief in a place where evil souls are punished for their crimes. A creation created in an unchanging pocket of a lunatic's dreams. As the crimes in Rapture took their toll on the city, the raw, unfocused feelings became Infernus: A plasmid shaped by Inferno, given function by Rapture's people, and the objects of their bitterness... or admiration. Those skilled, resilient, brutal, stubborn or just plain violent enough to get this as a reward gain the title of 'Infernal Judge', and are tasked with erasing the cancer known as the Splicers. Only five people have ever been able to reciv…

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  • Dark Swarmlord
    Once the Player finds all the Vixen Tubes, they can access the room behind the Sealed Door. Inside is a portal - a large stone disc with a coloured background - which takes the Player into a room with enemies. Once all foes are defeated, the Player is sent outside of the portal, and the background changes shape and colour, to reflect the colour of the Tubes themselves. Once the Player beats the ninth round, the colour drains from the portal. If the Player beats that round, than the portal pemenantly closes (unless the Player changes difficulty. More about that later).
    The foes are different in three ways: Firstly, they are twice as powerful, in offence and defence, and have their respective weapons and abilities from the midpoint onwards in t…
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  • Dark Swarmlord

    "It's not abot 'Why?', it's about 'Why not?'. Why make a Combustible Lemon Plasmid?! Why not marry NORMAL lemons since you love them so much!? In fact, why don't you go the lemon stall, because YOU are FIRED!!

    Not you, Cindy, you're doing fine.

    Yes! You! Labby! Bags, out the door, parking lot, goodbye!"

    Combustible Lemon
    Combustible Lemon creates a explosive lemon that arcs through the air once thrown. If it hits an enemy, it does moderate Plague and high Fire damage. Unlocks upgrades 1 and 2.

    Upgrade 1 - Lemon's Ire
    Charging up the Lemon causes it to swell up with combustible fluids, causing it to grow bright red and drench a large area in roasting lemon juice. Unlocks upgrades 1-1 and 1-2.

    Upgrade 2 - Lemonettes
    Charging the Plasmid causes it to…

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