Hey guys!!!! it's your #1 blog writer here and today I want to know whose your favorite bioshock 2 multiplayer character is

Who is it

Is it

Jacob Norris-The welder

Barbara Johnson-The house wife

Danny Wilkins-The wife

Buck Raleigh-The buisness man

Naledi Atkins-The pilot

Suresh Sheti-The magician

Zigo d’Acosta-The fisherman (PRE-ORDER BONUS)

Mlle Blanche de Glace-The actress My favorite (PRE-ORDER BONUS)

Oscar Calraca-The playboy (DLC ONLY)

Louie McGraff-The jailbird (DLC ONLY)

My favorite character's are

Mine would have to be Mlle Blanche de Glace look I know im a boy but for some reason I like playing as a girl there is something about Blanche that I like about her I think it's her quotes or her style


I want to know who your favorite multiplayer character is and tell me why you like them to...


My Favorite

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