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What would a remastered BioShock look like?

D.Ryan March 22, 2015 User blog:D.Ryan

Do you guys remember when BioShock was announced for iOS devices? Well if you recall in the comments of that blog post, I said I would rather have had a remastered BioShock instead of an iOS port over? Well I just got the next best thing.

The original BioShock, like all other games ran on the Xbox 360 and PS3 used the Unreal Engine #3 Well as you may or may not know that game engine is considered outdated. This is because a newer game engine was released; Unreal Engine #4, current generation consoles like the Xbox One, and the PS4 run on it. Well I recently found a video that displays the BioShock world on the Unreal Engine #4. 

It is my belief that this is the closest thing I will ever see to a next-gen version of BioShock, I pray that 2k will someday remaster BioShock, and send it over to the next generation, possibly for BioShock's 10th anniversy in 2017.

Without further Adieu, I present to you: BioShock running on Unreal Engine 4!  

So what do you guys think? Would you pay for a remastered version of the original BioShock? I know I would. 

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