Hey!! Bioshock fans it's your #1 blog writer here and today I want to know what type of splicer you are


Today I want to know what splicer you are for me I am a Houdini Splicer

Are you a..

Thuggish Splicer-Attacks with blunt objects (pipes,sticks) etc.

Leadhead Splicer-Attacks with guns (Machine gun,Pistol) etc.

Nitro Splicer-Attacks with gernades (Frag Gernade Molotov Cocktail)

Houdini Splicer-Attacks with fire rarely ice ball (Ice,Fire ball)

Spider Splicer-Attacks with throwing hooks (hooks)

Brute Splicer-Attacks with his own strength (strength)

I picked the houdini splicer because I like the way they teleport, but the cloud effect I thought was really cool

Houdini in action !!

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