Hey guys!!!! it's your #1 blog wirter and today I give predictions of what could have happened after the events of Bioshock

The aftermath

Ok Sofia Lamb controls the security system this means she or sent one of her splicers to Hephaestus to rewrite the security system this means she would transfer the control systems to one of her own systems or private system during the time she had created a new big daddy, the Rumbler but the Rumbler was created from dead rosie's and bouncer's although Gilbert Alexander created the rumbler and designed it but Sofia felt that splicers could take down the original big daddie's to easily so she created the Rumbler and the last fact- While Sofia was busy her daughter, Eleanor has grown an even stronger bond with Subject Delta she rigged a Vita-Chamber to allow Delta to come back to life

and that is basically what happend after the events of Bioshock

Bioshock 2 logo

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