Hey!! Bioshock fans it's your #1 blog writer here and today we're gonna talk about Bioshock 2's multiplayer

Who are you ?

Jacob Norris - The Welder uses a wrench.

Barbara Johnson - The Housewife uses a frying pan.

Danny Wilkins - The Athlete uses a trophy.

Buck Raleigh - The Businessman uses a golf club.

Naledi Atkins - The Pilot Not sure what weapon she has 

Suresh Sheti - The Mystic uses a magician's cane.

and if your lucky you can get the pre-order bonus

Zigo d’Acosta - The Fisherman uses a wooden club.

Mlle Blanche de Glace - The Actress Not sure what weapon she has 

Favorite place

where would you battle?

Game modes

Your favorite mode

Survival of the Fittest- Free for all player who has the most kills wins the match

Last Splicer Standing - same as Survival The Fittest but your player dosent respawn so when you die you don't come back

Civil War - Splits players into two teams the team with the most teams wins the match

Capture the Sister- Capture The flag players are split into two teams. Players are selected randomly as a big daddy player must get the little sister into one of her vents

ADAM Grab- There is one little sister in the level each player must capture her and keep her for as long as possible earns alot of ADAM

Team ADAM Grab- Same as the same Adam Grab but this time you work as a team

Turf War- King of the hill they are split into two teams again you are taking control of areas in the level so it's like territory war they try to take a part of the players territory he gives them a fist of lighting

My favorites 

let me tell you my standards in multiplayer 

(Give me your favorite girl character to if you are a boy give me what you think of the girl splicers to)

Character- Jacob Norris and Barbara Johnson

Place- Mercury Suites

Mode- Civil war

Tell me what your favorite characters levels and modes are Thanks


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