Hey bioshock fans!! it's your favorite blog writer here. Now i did some research on the prototype Delta; and here's what I got

Was Subject Delta actually in BioShock?

I know what your thinking (Delta was never in bioshock 1) but in the audio diary Protection Bond by Yi Suchong it says he was trying to make the protection bond to a Big Daddy and a Little Sister could that big daddy been Delta? I will give you the transcript to this audio diary

Suchong: Clinical Trial Protector System Plasmid Lot 255 Dr. Suchong/client Ryan Industries. Very frustrating day. I can't seem to get the damn Big Daddies to imprint on the little brats. The protection bond is just not forming...

Little Sister: Papa Suchong!

Suchong: Get, get away... maybe if I modify the genetic sequence to...

Little Sister: Papa Suchong!

Suchong: Shush, shoo... sequence to allow for...

Little Sister: Papa Suchong! Papa Suchong! Papa Suchong!

Suchong: Get away you filthy little shit! *smacks Little Sister* *Little Sister starts to cry* ...What? *Big Daddy roar* What are you doing? Get back... get back!!! Argh!

Now notice that delta was the first big daddy bonded to a little sister and maybe that Delta was the one that killed suchong

could this be?