Bonjour mes amis (Hello my friends) it's your #1 blog wirter and today im going to tell the story of Sofia Lamb


Sofia was invited down to Rapture to clean the minds of the citizens and talk to them about their personal things like what they think of Rapture. So instead she heard what Andrew Ryan was talking about so she decided that she would speak against the fearless leader and instead Andrew Ryan pulled out his "Iron FIst" and punched Sofia directly in the face and ended up in jail


When Andrew Ryan was assasinated by his own son Rapture fell to the bottom right on its face but then Sofia had gotten out of jail and rose Rapture off it's feet and began raising it and raising it and raising it until Rapture was upon the heavens a great society once fallen has risen again and this time with Law and Religion and even grander utopia Andrew Ryan had fallen his Utopia was the very opposite of Lambs Utopia thus making new order so we the citizens of Rapture (Bioshock Wikia) Thank you Sofia Lamb

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