Hey!!! Bioshock fans your #1 blog writer here and today we're gonna talk about the Rosie vs. the Bouncer

Rosie Vs. Bouncer who would win ? 

Today I want you to tell me who you think would win in a fight a Rosie or a Bouncer

No we all know that the Bouncer is our melee Big Daddy and the Rosie is our mid-range Big Daddy and they all have diffrent tactics

but now I want to explain their tactics in fighting

Rosie:If you get to close they will shove you and if you are to far he will shot you with his Rivet Gun or throw Proximity Mines at you

Bouncer:Now this big daddy will run at you at far distances's  this is called a shoulder dash (the big daddy will spear you) or if you get to close he will slash you with his Drill 

So I want you's to decide Bouncer or Roise I would say the Rosie he has his Rivet Gun and proximity mines and moves around alot so the bouncer can't spear him but the regular rosie wouldnt win but the elite rosie would they do more damage than normal rosies but just my opinion

Who would win ?


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