Hello, there Friend I am D.Ryan and today I have the new and Improved list of Bioshock Wikia's Government System. I'm going to tell you who run it and what purpose it does

People in the Government

Gardimuer- (Dictator) Dictator of the entire Wikia, her job is to make sure everything is organized and Clean

BlueIsSupreme- (Prime Minister) Second in command to the Dictator basically her assistant go to him if you need an answer

EDlTOR- (Picture Specialist) The only User on this wikia who specializes in Pictures so if you need one go to him

Willbackbakal- (Creation specialist) Creator of the Cabal, a secret society that secretley controls the Government

MegaScience- (Law Enforcer) The one who will report anything about anything go to him if you have a problem about anything

Stigma-231- (Beuracrat) The local beuracrat, I don;t know what a Beuracrat, but he's still pretty important!!!

D.Ryan- (Blog Creator) Who me? I come up with Genius idea's and put them in my blogs but I also specialize in Pictures and Editing (So you see there's more to me than blogs, yes?)

Pauolo- (Director of Sound and Music) The one who added all Audio Diary recordings to the wikia (we should be thankful!) which is why he will always be in charge of Sound and Music

The Bioshock Wikia's Government system has slowly decreased from 11 users to 7 (But we still rule!!!)

User's that were or are currently in Office right now

Freezing Mike- President/Account Shut off

Gardimuer- Second in Command/Dictator/ In office

Melovgamng/Melovgaming/ New Account In office?

BluelsSupreme/ In office

Megascience/ In office

Bioshock123/ Account Shut off

GeneralOwnage55/ Account Shut off

D.Ryan/ In office

Fivedog/ Account Shut off

RegisteredContributer/ Unknown?

Stigma-231/Beuracrat/ Unknown?

Pauolo/ In office

The Government has decreased slowly over the years but like I said we still have it under control!

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