This is D.Ryan speaking. It's been week's since my last blog so today I want your opinion on the subject

Do you think Rapture still exist's (even though it's not real) today?

Do you think Rapture well if it was real would actually exist in 2010? it was created in the late 1950's

so I want to know what you think would their be splicer's still alive Big Daddie's alive what do you think here it was I think

That Rapture Still exist ALL splicers are dead (Killed by Big Daddies) Big Daddie's still wander around The security System is shot (Destroyed) and most of the city's power (Lights, Heaters etc.) are shut down (Hepheustus Destroyed) most of the citie's greatest members are dead (Sander Cohen etc.) thats what I think. What do you's think?

―D.RYAN― 03:03, February 20, 2010 (UTC)

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