Hey Guys!!! it's your #1 blog writer here and today I want to know what character your going to be Playing in Bioshock 2's multiplayer

and if you are a boy I want to know what girl you would like to play

Who are you?

Me I would be Jacob Norris or Zigo d’Acosta and for the female I would choose to play if I were

a girl I would be Barbara Johnson

I thought it would be great to add on so I added three new choices

What's your favorite map?

my favorite map would be Kashmir Restaurant or Mercury Suites

Whats your favorite Plasmid?

My favorite plasmid would have to be the Houdini or Aero Dash

Whats your favorite weapon?

Mine would have to be the Nail Gun or the Tommy Gun

That concludes my favorite Map, Plasmid, and Weapon

Now I want to know what your faovrite Map weapon and plasmid

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