Hey guys!!!! it's your #1 blog writer here, and today I want to talk about something we all love to complain about, todays topic: User Badges

What the hell are User badges?

Well I have been working on other Wikia's due to the latest games coming out (but thats not important), whats important is that on these Wikia's, Users get these badges for doing whatever, whether it's Editing, talking on a talk page, uploading a picture etc. I sat there thinking "we should totally have these on our Wikia" but we don't so maybe we can get that fixed?


I D.Ryan will try and figure out how User badges work even though its not my area of expertise, I'll try to figure it out just for you!

Leave me your opinion of User Badges and why we should have them in the comments section below!

Say hi to another User on their talk page!

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