Hey guys!!! it's your #1 blog writer here and today I need your opinion: What type of Government should we have?


I need to know what type of Government we should have, the ones below I have picked personally

Dictatorship- Where Gardimuer rules with an Iron Fist over a Clean and Organized Wikia

Plutocracy- The rule of the Best and Brightest (See my blog page)

Theocracy- Where the Best and Brightest worship Andrew Ryan (in this case Andrew Ryan is God) and ONLY! follow his beliefs

Democracy- Where the Users elect their Best and Brightest users

Communism- Where everyone in the Wikia is treated the same

Monarch- Where a User is chosen to be King or Queen for at least a month

Which of these Govnerment types would you like best? I personally like the Dictatoship and Plutocracy, but I could be wrong which do you prefer?

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