Hey!! Bioshock fans it's me again I thought of a cool new mode for bioshock 2's multiplayer tell me what you think of it.

Ok I first got the idea when I was roaming the gardens of Arcadia I had a Big Daddy Hypnotized so I ran into another Big daddy

and I had them fight then it hit me Big Daddy wars

Big Daddy wars:

Play as your two favorite Big Daddy types Bouncer or Rosie have access to there signature weapons like the bouncers Drill or the rosies Rivet Gun and Proximity Mines I would have thought of the Rumbler but I don't think it would have made it into the mode..well if you look in the comments and yes there does need to be a backround story (what there fighting for) So I came up with the idea: They are fighting for the last Little Sister in rapture

What do you guy's think of this new mode I came up with                          

Rosie And Bouncer

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