Hey guys!!!! it's your #1 blog writer and today is our third installment in Rapture clash and todays topic is Big Sister vs.Rumbler

Who would win

Now lets look at their stats

Big Sister


Stab: A Big Sister's basic attack. When at melee range, she will jab her ADAM syringe into the player, dealing a high amount of damage.

Charge: When at a distance from the player, a Big Sister will run towards Delta at a high speed, dealing minor damage and minor knockback, as well as temporarily disorienting the player.

Fire Barrage: Occasionally, a Big Sister will fire three large exploding fireballs in quick succession, dealing high damage.

Telekinetic Pummel: Occasionaly, a Big Sister will use an advanced form of Telekinesis to lift every nearby object around them, pull them towards her and fire them at the player, with the amount of damage depending on the size of the object. If the object is large enough, it will push the player back, temporarily disorienting them.

Drain: When low on health, Big Sisters will run towards a wandering Splicer, impale them with their ADAM syringe and drain their health. This gradually recharges the Big Sister's health, but leaves her vulnerable. Attacking her while she is draining a Splicer will cause her to drop her victim, killing the latter in the process.



  • RPG: The Rumbler's main attack, where it fires a Heat-Seeking RPG at its target.
  • Miniature Turret: Occasionally, the Rumbler will deploy a Miniature Turret which will attack any enemy in its field of vision.
  • Punch: When at melee range, the Rumbler will hit the target with his left arm in a sweeping gesture, dealing moderate damage and minor knockback.

Know who would win this fight? the answer is The Big Sister why because The Big Sister has better melee moves they are skilled

acrobats and on of the toughest enemies in Bioshock 2

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