Hey guys!!!! it's your #1 blog writer and today is our second installment of Rapture Clash and todays topic is Rosie vs. Bouncer

Who would win

Now lets look at there stats




  • Drill Slam: In this attack, the Bouncer slams the ground with its drill, causing a tremor in the surrounding area and disorienting anyone in the radius.
  • Drill Punch: This is the Bouncer's basic attack, where it drills into its foe. If against a Splicer, the victim is killed instantly. In the case of the player, the attack deals a severe amount of damage, killing the player if they are low on health.
  • Charge: If the victim is far from the Bouncer, it will charge at them at high speed. This knocks the foe back, dealing them damage in the process. In the case of the player, they will also have their camera swung arround and temporarily blurred, momentarily disorienting them.

Now since we have saw the Bounces lets look at the Rosies



  • Shoot: The Rosie's basic form of attack, where it shoots the target repeatedly with its Rivet Gun.
  • Mine Throw: If an enemy approaches the Rosie, it will start throwing Proximity Mines at the target.
  • Push: If the Rosie's foe is at melee rage, it will push them away with their Rivet Gun, dealing medium damage.

How would win this fight? the answer is the Bouncer why because the bouncer has tactics at moving at large speeds if they were fighting in a large open space the Boucer would win but if they were fighting in an area with lots of walls the rosie likely win

and this concludes our 2nd installment in Rapture Clash join me tommorrow for the 3rd installment thankyou for your time

―D.RYAN― 17:17, January 24, 2010 (UTC)

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