Hey huys!!! it's your #1 blog writer here and todayI want what you think happened to Bridgette Tenenbaum in Bioshock 2

Did she die?

(This information was discussed before the release of Bioshock 2)

What I thought

Ok I was discussing with my good friend Tyler how she may have died. Ok here is what I said "You know the way I think she will die ok she will be standing behind glass right in another room then suddenly a big sister come's up behind her and stabbs her then Sofia Lamb is gonna come on the radio and say something like "There Subject Delta the fate of that woman was absolutely necessary

What my Friend Tyler thought

He thought that Tenenbaum was going to follow you throughout the game and when you encountered Sofia Lamb. Sofia would grab a pipe or something and Tenenbaum would grab a pipe and an epic battle would take place. Sofia won then Tenenbaum would go to the window where you were standing and say "I am sorry Herr Delta good bye" then Sofia would stab her

So what do you think happened to Tenenbaum?

Tell me in the comments

(This information was discussed before the release of Bioshock 2)

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