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D.Ryan's helpful tips episode 1

D.Ryan April 4, 2010 User blog:D.Ryan

Hey guys!!!! it's your#1 blog writer here and today is our first episode of D.Ryan's helpful tips

  • Applause*

Now I will be covering Multiplayer first so lets start with arcadia ok


D.Ryan combo tips

  • Electro Bolt- Very effective on this map due to the abundance of water and waterfalls.
  • incinerare!- Not effective due to the abundance of water
  • Leg up and Geyser Trap- Effective due to abundance of ledges and hiding spots

D.Ryan General tips

  • Big Daddy can effectively use proximity mines in the water on this map, as opposing players to find it hard to spot them in the water.
  • Lots of hidden ledges, so always be looking up for suprise attacks.
  • Stay out of water to avoid electr bolt attacks.
  • Hiding in trees with leg up equipped is very effective.
  • Hacking Turrets is very effective due to placements being located out-of-sight, as well as high traffic areas


Well tune in tomorrow for the 2nd episode about Farmers Market

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