Hey guys!! it's your #1 blog writer here and today Bioshock 2 has just realesed a new pack for Multipayer

Here's what it includes

This multiplayer focused pack increases the level cap (with new Rank Rewards) to 50

adds two new playable characters 20 new trials, a third upgrade for every weapon

and five new masks (available after you hit rank 41)

The two new characters are

Louie McGraff - The convict

Oscar Calraca- The PlayBoy

Now what do you think of this new package? tell me in the comments and if you want can you tell me what you could've wanted in this new package like a new map or a new weapon. If you want tell me in the comments

Thank you and here are some special pictures for you especially

Louie McGraff Screenshot

Oscar in New Mask with LS
Louie & Oscar in New Masks

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