Your #1 blog writer here and today we're gonna talk about the Bioshock Universe


Whoever dos'ent see this true masterpiece must be dumb or blind Bioshock is the best game ever. 

I don't think nobody can wait for Bioshock 2 not even me!! I want you's all to tell me what your favorite

thing in the Bioshock Universe is it can be Big Daddies,Splicers,Little Sisters,Plasmids,hacking even weapons

My favorite Big Daddy is The Rosie Splicer Houdini Splicer I don't have a favorite little sister they're all cute

My favorite plasmids is Telekinesis hacking is not so bad my favorite weapon is the pistol tell me what your favorite thing or things are about

Bioshock I will look over them and review them 

If you are doing this do the like your favorites do them in this order

Big Daddy-


little Sister-




Thank you


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