Hey guys!!! it's your #1 blog writer here and today, I have big news about the film-adaption of BioShock: It's officially cancelled.


Irrational Games and Take-Two could find no one to produce the movie, with a $160,000,000 dollar budget, I don't think I would either. Critics said that "It was an intriguing project for it's potetnial to be based of Ayn Rand's Anti-Utopia". The film was so expensive, that they were almost forced to shoot outside the US to save money, Gore Verbrinski decided he didn't want to be Director anymore, but wanted to stay on the project as a Producer. The project had no Director, rumors spread that Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, would take over the Director's chair but after awhile he seemed uniterested.

Ken Levine said "There was still some talks" but he admitted that "The talking had stopped completley" he then went on to say "We got a deal at Universal Studios and a director" but he stated that "We don't have a need to get it made just for the sake of getting it made." Meaning that the process of the movie would've taken to much time, Ken Levine said "It's not impossible that the movie will come back into talks again"

So there you have it, the movie is cancelled, but it could come back in the future as predicted by Ken Levine


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