Hey!!! Bioshock fans it's your favorite blog writer here, And todaywe're gonna talk about Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine

Which side are you on ?

ok I've been hearing alot of stuff about Andrew Ryan and Frank Fontaine and their beliefs and conflict's

Andrew Ryan- "The bloody king of rapture" when he founded Rapture he thought "the best and the brightest.But as long as they think like me" and he stuck with that but then a man named Frank Fontaine came to Rapture

Frank Fontaine-He came to Rapture to start fresh he wanted everyone to scare everyone like he said " government" was soon gonna come to Rapture so Ryan closed down parts of the city so Fonatines word could'nt spread

So which side are you on Andrew Ryans or Frank Fontaines or your own side when you choose Ryans side your fight with Rapture when you go on Fontaines side you fight against Rapture when you choose your own side you fight with nobodys side you kill anyone who gets in your waySo whos side are you on

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