I have a little something to say to you Andrew Ryan

you are a dictator and a philisopher you and your utopia are corrupt you can't keep your city under control and you are a bad leader

you were foolish enough to let anyone down into your city like Sofia Lamb was'nt it obivious of what would have happened. You sir are a mad man and for this reason you have let power come to your head and allowed this power to take you over. Your stupidity was to strong to know that Fontaine was'nt dead and when you put Lamb away in jail you were to foolish to know that some of your citizens would follow her ways and not notice what effect it had on your city then you set yourself into defense mode you put down on your citizens and your city curfews and laws without noticing what you were doing stupidity takes us all but your Mr. Ryan

had the worst of it

And so D.Ryan says to you "your an idiot

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