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Weapons! Tommy Gun

The Tommy Gun returns in Bioshock: Armegeddon with a few changes.

  1. It's clip size is 100, not just 40
  2. It has 3 upgrades, not just two
  3. It's fire rates is 800 shots per minute, not just 500

It also has 3 new ammo types

  1. Lead Rounds - Main ammo for Tommy Gun, shatters during penetration, poisoning targets and taking out a large chunk of health from unarmoured victims.
  2. Shock Rounds - Deals medium amounts of piercing damage, occasionally shocks victim, stunning them.
  3. Solid Rounds - Deals high amount of piercing damage, slight knockback on enemies.

Here's the three upgrades:

  1. Drum Size - Doubles drum size from 100 rounds to 200 rounds
  2. Damage Increase - Increases damage by 50%
  3. Kickback Decrease - decreases kick back by 90% must have first 2 upgrades first though

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