The Tommy Gun returns in Bioshock 4.


The Tommy Gun is aesthetically the same as it was in Bioshock, except that it has a slightly larger drum than before. Physically, however, it does more damage that its previous counterpart. When fully upgraded, though, it packs a deadly punch. When the protagonist melees with this weapon, he either hammers someone with the drum of the gun, or he hits them with the butt of the gun, both doing the same amount of damage.


  • Damage Increase - This upgrade increases the damage done by all attacks using this weapon, including melee attacks, as well as adding to augers along the barrel.
  • Reload Decrease - This upgrade decreases the time it takes to reload the Tommy Gun by making the protagonist simply just put in a drum and not pull back the lever.
  • Kickback Decrease - This decreases the kickback of this weapon, as well as making the stock larger.

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