Thuggish Splicers return in Bioshock 4.


Thuggish Splicers first appear in Rapture Welcoming Station. This time around, they hac=ve all new attacks, thus making them just as deadly. Here they are:

  • Run and Jump - They run at you, jump in the air, and swing at you, doing damage and minor knock back.
  • Baseball Swing - They hit you with their melee weapon like a baseball bat, doing medium damage and medium knockback.
  • Swing - They simply swing their weapon at you, doing minor damage and virtually no knock back.


The Thuggish Splicer upgrades, and it now is a lot more deadly, though not as deadly as it's Bioshock: Armageddon counterpart. It is now immune to all electrical attacks, and whenever you melee it, it shocks you, nearly tripling it's melee damage.

Research Bonuses

Level 1 - Increased melee damage

Level 2 - + damage to this splicer type

Level 3 - Seeker Tonic

Level 4 - Faster recovery from melee swings

Level 5 - Hunter Tonic

Level 6 - Silent Steps Tonic

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