The Leone Splicer is a new splicer in Bioshock: Armageddon. He is pretty much the same as a Leadhead Splicer, only with different weapons and he can use plasmids. As always, there is a more powerful type and he will be described below.

Leone Splicer - This Splicer can use a grenade launcher, chemical thrower, or dual sawed off shotguns. He will also throw grenades. When he uses a plasmid, he puts his weapons on the floor, casts his plasmid, then picks them back up and starts shooting again. He has roughly the same amount of health as a houdini splicer, and only uses the incinerate plasmid. The player starts seeing him from the Bathysphere Docking Station to the end of the game.

Upgraded Leone Splicer - All splicers have to upgrade, and so does this one. so here is the upgraded version. He is pretty much the same as his older version, but this time he can use incinerate and electrobolt AT THE SAME TIME. He also has the same amount of health as a brute splicer, and only appears in the last 5 levels of the game.

Well thats all for now if anyone has any suggestions i would appreciate them. Well thanks for reading more blogs coming soon.

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