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Single Player Enemies: Houdini Splicers

Okay, now in both games, the Houdini Splicers got boring. So thats why in Bioshock: Armageddon there will be five different ones. So here they are:

  • Fire Houdini - Same as first 2 games
  • Ice Houdine - Same as Minervas Den version
  • Acid Houdini - They are virtually the same as the Fire and Ice Houdini, except they throw acid instead of fire or ice. The acid does high amount of damage.
  • Electric Houdini - They throw electric balls instead of fire, ice, or acid.
  • Insect Houdine - They use insect swarm, but only appear in the last 2 levels of Bioshock: Armageddon.

Well they dont upgrade, cause theyre already powerful enough. Thanks for reading and plz comment.

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