The Shotgun is a weapon in BioShock 4. It retains much of the same characteristics as before, except now it's Lever-Action, much like the BioShock Infinite version.


  • Damage Increase - A longer barrel means more accurate shots, and more pellets hitting the target. This upgrade increases the damage of the shotgun, as well as making the barrel look longer.
  • Reload Time Decrease - Loading two shells at once is quicker than loading one. This upgrade decreases the reload time, as well as making the protagonist load two shells into the gun at once, halving the reload time.
  • Faster Rate of Fire - A greased lever makes firing as quick as ever. This upgrade makes the shotgun have a faster rate of fire, as well as making the lever on the gun shinier.


  • This gun makes a reference to the movie Terminator 2, as this gun is feature in the movie. Also, when the protagonist injects an Eve Hypo, he uses the lever the same way the Terminator did.
  • This gun appears to be the Model 1887 shotgun.

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