SecurityBotFriendly Security returns in Bioshock 4.


Machine Gun Turret - They are the same as they were in the first two games. Machine Gun Bot - Same as they were in the first two games. Flamethrower Turret - Same as they were in the first game, only now a lot more common. Flamethrower Bot - Mainly just a flying Flamethrower Turret. Electro Turret - Much like a Flamethrower Turret, except it has a longer range and shocks things instead of setting the aflame. Security Camera - Same as the first two games. Electro Bot - Mainly just a flying Electro Turret.



  • Fire - They shoot their Machine Gun, Flamethrower, or Electro Gun at their target.


Fire - Same as above. Kamikazee! - When they are just about to explode, they rush at their target, blowing up, and doing high damage to the target.


  • Spot - They spot the target and if the target stays in it's sight for 5 seconds, it set's off an alarm, triggering in Bots.

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