Always wanting to get revenge? With Retaliation!, you can do just that! Paint someone with Retaliation!, and they'll end up looking like they were gunned down by a whole nation! Retaliation!, buy yours today! - Retaliation Advertisement

Retaliation! is a plasmid in BioShock 4.


My other plasmid thingy

Upgrade 1

Damage: 1400

Duration: Activates after protagonist dies

Upgrade 2

Damage: 2000

Duration: Activates after protagonist dies

Upgrade 3

Damage: 4000

Duration: Activates after protagonist dies


  • Along with Incinerate!, this is the only other plasmid that has and "!" at the end of it.
  • Due to it's high damage, this is one of the most valuable plasmids in the game.
  • Oddly, the picture of this plasmid is a crudely drawn smiley face.

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