Rapture Shopping Area is a level in Bioshock 4.


Rapture Shopping Area was first built shortly after Rapture was finished, and provided all of Rapture with food, clothing, and other packaged goods. Due to it's high amount of valuables, several turrets and security cameras are set up around the area. During the Rapture Civil War, the Area turned into a huge wreck, however the security still stayed intact. It is the second level in Bioshock 4.


The protagonist steps out of the Bathysphere, and says "Dimitri, why'd this whathysphere thingy stop? Let's get goin'!" "Sorry, my friend, but the these bathyspheres can only go to certain places at a time. We're going to have to find another one of these if we're gonna get the hell outta here!" "Ah, and I suspect that I have to find it?" "You read my mind, friend." The protagonist now has to search through several rooms and fight off many Splicers. Soon enough, Leadhead Splicers start to appear, and once the protagonist kills them, he takes their pistols. "Oh, nice, you have a revolver. Wouldn't mind having a Makarov down here with me , though." The protagonist continues roaming around, until reaching a dead end blocked off by rubble. A sign above the rubble says "Transportation" and an arrow pointing towards the rubble. "Damn't, Dimitri, I can't get to the damn bathysphere, it's blocked off by rubble." "Not to worry, my friend, you see that pneumo tube over there? I sent you a plasmid. Oh, and some Eve Hypos, too. Sorry you have to keep on injecting yourself, but that's the way things work down here. The plasmid, it's Telekenesis, I believe. You use it to pick things up with your mind. Maybe you can find something explosive to pick up with Telekenesis and throw at the stuff blocking you, I'm sure it will blow all that shit out of the way." Now all the protagonist has to do is find an explosive barrel, pick it up with Telekenesis, and throw the barrel at the rubble. Once the protagonist does that, inside the room is where a bathysphere should be docked, and an Atlantic Express. "Well, not what I was expecting, but I'll go with it," says the protagonist, and get's into the cockpit. Dimitri soon follows, getting into the train cart, and the protagonist m,oves onto the next level.

New Discoveries

New Enemies

New Weapons

New Plasmids

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