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New Weapons! Winchester

The Winchester is a new lever action weapon in Bioshock: Armageddon and has 3 different ammo types and upgrades and has a six round clip

Here are the ammo types:

  1. Steel Pellet - Does high amount of piercing damage and can kill unarmoured splicers instantly if it's a headshot. Ammo is somewhat rare throughout the game.
  2. Explosive Pellet - Explodes on impact, dealing high amount of damage, but extremely rare throughout the game.
  3. Toxin Pellet - Poisons enemy, not killing them, but hurting them badly. Takes out 75% of any enemys health, although very, very, very, very, very insanely extremely rare.

Here are the upgrades

  1. Fire Rate - Greatly increases rate of fire but slows down reload time.
  2. Damage Increase - Increases damage by 30%.
  3. Scope - Adds a sniper scope to gun, must have first 2 upgrades first.

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