The Chemical Thrower returns in Bioshock: Armageddon this time with 3 new ammo types and 3 new upgrades! Warning - Chemical Thrower does jam up after continued use.

Chemical Thrower ammo types:

  1. Oil - Replaces Nepalm from the original game, only this time the flame can some times get inside the oil tank and cuse an explosion that hurts the player and enemies around him
  2. Sulphuric Acid - Does high amount of damge and stuns enemy from the intense pain. Ammo is rare throughout the game.
  3. Water - Only obtainable through the Electrolizer upgrade. Same as electric gel only alot more common and has minor knockback on victims.

Chemical Thrower upgrades:

  1. Electrolizer - Allows user to use water as an ammo by shocking it effectively turning it into Electric Gel
  2. Jam Decrease - Decreases chance of Chemical Thrower from jamming by 15%
  3. Range Increase - Increases Chemical Throwers range by 7ft

Well that's all thanks for reading

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