This carries on from where my blog Bioshock: Armageddon left off. So the player fist fights the thuggish splicers, killing them, and one of them had a short-wave radio on them. The player picks it up, turns it on, and a man starts talking to him saying, "Oh, finally, someone who isn't mad! The names Harvey. Harvey Donald. Looks like you just landed yourself in this shit hole, Rapture. C'mon down here to the bathysphere docking station, I think we have some business to discuss." The player walks into a new room and gets attacked by another thuggish splicer and when he kills him Harvey says on the short-wave radio "First off, if you wanna survive down here in Rapture your gonna need a weapon. how about you search that thuggish splicer for a weapon?" The player picks up the weapon the thuggish splicer dropped; a Fire Axe. The player moves on to another room with a sign saying "Plasmids" and inside the room is a single Gatherers Garden with a plasmid sticking out. Harvey says, "Oh, now that's a plasmid, do whatever you want with it just don't give it to me." A cutscene begins where the player injects the plasmid and goes threw the intense pain, passes out, and wakes back up. The player now has Electrobolt. There's an elevator in the room that the player takes and moves on to the next level.

Thnx for readin criticism is welcome and comment too

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