This is a new level in Bioshock: Armageddon, and continues on from where the Big Daddy Development Site left off. The player is now in a persuit of Harvey, but there are many obstacles in his way. So here goes.

The player is soon revived in a Vita-Chamber, which just so happens to be inside of Tenenbaums Sanctuary (Not her safehouse, sanctuary), and is surrounded by Little Sisters. A few of them are saying things like, "Mama Tenenbaum never let's Mister Bubbles in here!" or, "Sir Bubbles! What are you doing her!" Tenenbaum then says on the players shortwave radio, "That Harvey, he is an evil man. I tried to tell you, but he wouldn't allow it. You can have your revenge, but first you need to do some things for me." The player exits Tenenbaums Sanctuary, and then Tenenbaum says, "There are three little ones out there, and I believe they are in danger. Please, go help them." The player then has to deal with the little sisters, and they can harvest them, but then Tenenbaum will hate them and Suicide Splicers come everytime you Harvest a little sister. There are several turrets around each lil sis and one big daddy. Tenenbaum then says, (If the player saved the little sisters) "Thank you, you have saved them, and I will be forever thankful. Now you can go to Harvey's HeadQuarters and kill that son of a bitch." (If the player harvested the little siters) "What are you, heartless?(sobs) What did they do to you! Go, just get out of my sight!" (If the player saved and harvested) "You may have helped some, but how could you? There just children. But you can go kill that monster, Harvey, go on." The player then heads towards a Bathysphere and gets in and moves onto the next level.

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