The Realm of Aphrodite is a new level in Bioshock: Armageddon. It starts on from where The Bathysphere Docking Station level left off. It is about as long as the atlantic express from bioshock 2. So here goes.

The player exits the Atlantic Express he was just in and notices the station is on lockdown. The player then get's attacked by 4 Leone Splicers, 2 Leadhead Splicers, and 1 Thuggish Splicer. Once the player kills them, a man starts talking on the players short-wave radio. He says, "So you think you can just come down to my city, take whatever you want, kill whatever you want, and no one will care? I don't think so. I know what you down here for. To bring Rapture to it's knees. But you and your government aren't getting to me! I will not allow this! FUCK YOU! LEAVE ME ALONE! YOU WILL NOT LIVE IN PARADISE! NOT AS LONG AS IM HERE! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" The player then hears screaming, and he get's attacked by an alpha series big daddy. When the player kills him, Harvey begins speaking on the shortwave radio, saying, "Oh, hell, that man must be Jake Stellen, hes a little paranoid, as you can see, he must think you are some government agent." The whole point of this level is to find Jake Steller's brother, Levi Steller, kill him, and use his genetic key to unlock the atlantic express. Levi Steller is an acid houdini splicer (I'll make a blog about it later) with about 3 times as much health as a spider splicer. This level also contains the first little sister guarded by a bouncer

New Weapons in this level


New Enemies in this level

Spider Splicer

Houdini Splicer

New Plasmids available in this level



Number of Little Sisters


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