Jupiter's Heaven is the new level in Bioshock: Armageddon, and continues on from where the Realm of Aphrodite level left off. the atlantic expres is out of fuel and the player has to find fuel to refill it. So here goes.

The player exits the Atlantic express and get's attacked by a Suicide Splicer (will add a blog later), and after the player kills it, a woman starts talking on the radio, who says, "Ah, I've heard of you, you are bringing this long dead city back to life. I'm Brigid Tenenbaulm, and I think we should talk." The player then starts heading toward where Brigid Tenenbaulm is, when Harvey Donald starts saying on the radio, "Oh, going to see ol' Tenenbaulm, eh? Well I wouldn't go there if i were you, you're gonna see some stuff you wouldn't wanna normally see. Well, it's up to you, just sayin." The player continues on to where Tenenbaulm is, and when he finally get's there, Tenenbaulm start's talking about how there is "little ones" who need to be saved. She then hand the player a plasmid that allows the player to save the little ones. Then the door that seals Tenenbaulm inside of her office is opened up, Harvey Donald walks in with a Tommy Gun, and starts shooting at Tenenbaulm. He severely injures her, and says to the player, "She's pretty much dead, I'll let you pick what to do with this asshole." The player then walks into Tenenbaulms office, and then has the choice to kill her or let her live. killing her has the same affect as harvesting a little sister, and also summons 3 leone splicers to kill the player. Saving her is like saving a little sister, and summons three suicide splicers. The player chooses, leaves, and finds fuel for the atlantic express, and moves on. this level is as long as the fort frolic in the original bioshock.

New enemies in this level

  • Suicide Splicer

New Weapons

  • Shotgun

New Plasmids

  • Insect Swarm
  • Cyclone Trap

Number of Little Sisters


Well that's all for now folks, thanks for reading.

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